California Needs Radical Reformation and Revival

It is time for Christians to act strategically in the face of widespread crisis, government overreach, and the growing cancel culture.

By Ché Ahn

We are in the most historic and dramatic season for the global church. As we entered into a new decade in 2020, we witnessed the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis impacting every nation of the earth, and something shifted in history. With the extraordinary global shaking—from the pandemic and lockdowns to economic hardship, riots, the 2020 election, and the progressive Left government—it is all serving as the backdrop for what I believe will be the greatest revival and reformation in history.

Church, It’s Time to Roll Up Our Sleeves

To many Americans (myself included), the 2020 election was a stolen election, which exposed how deep the corruption is in our government. Regardless of your vantage point, it is clear that conservative values lost ground as a result of the 2020 election and that reformation is needed now in America more than ever before.

Perhaps more than anything, the lost election has created more resolve in conservative evangelical believers to “roll up our sleeves” and get to work in reforming our states and our nation.

A critical factor in this equation is that bad eschatology (for example, the doctrine that things are going to get worse and worse until Jesus raptures us out of here) has largely caused Christians to be passive members of society. In addition to eschatology, there has been Platonic thinking or Greek-inspired dualism in the church that has led so many to believe that only pastors are called to ministry and the only responsibility for everyday Christians is to sit in the pews on Sunday.

In reality, there is no such division. If you are a Christian, God sees us all as ministers, as the book of 1 Peter tells us. God expects you and me to transform society.

Indeed, Christians are called to be the ekklesia—the church. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus used this Greek term to name the church because the ekklesia in ancient Greece, specifically in Athens, were the citizens called out to legislate and decide what was good for their city or nation. The ekklesia formed a legislative assembly that had the authority to pass laws and determine policies to protect their rights as citizens.

Similarly, God wants us as believers to legislate, not only through prayer but also our God-given privilege in the USA to vote biblically. Jesus is calling us, His ekklesia, to be salt and light in our nation. Part of the way we can answer that call is by being active in all spheres of society—but especially the government.

We see how the adage of elections having consequences is true by the record number of evil and unbiblical executive orders that President Biden has shoved down our throats, as well as his attempt to pass H.R. 5 (“The Equality Act”) and H.R. 1, which would give the progressive Left power in perpetuity.

In this urgent hour in America, we cannot back down and remain silent. The church is called to shine the light of Christ into society, and we are also called to make disciples of nations, as Jesus commissioned us in the Gospel of Matthew.

As we help to fulfill the Great Commission, we are to bring heaven’s culture or “kingdom culture” to the nations. This does not mean setting up a theocracy but rather influencing society and bringing cultural transformation. The transformation of culture is part and parcel of the church’s call to be an apostolic people.

Revive California

At the start of 2021, I felt the Lord leading me to gather apostles from all over California to pray and strategize how to bring revival to our state. On February 11, a new initiative called Revive California was birthed as 12 key apostolic leaders gathered together, representing different denominations and spheres of culture including government, education, business, and the church.

Revive California was launched with the vision to see historic revival and reformation come to California. The fivefold strategy is as follows:

  1. Prayer: Encourage every church to establish a house of prayer to contend for revival with unprecedented unity.
  2. Leadership: Equip Christian leaders throughout California with unique training, seminars, and conference events to revive their love for Jesus.
  3. Evangelism: Partner with evangelists for outreach events and activate local churches to provide discipleship.
  4. Ekklesias: Empower every believer to start small groups in their sphere of influence to be the dynamic “church” and prepare for the harvest.
  5. Reformation: Activate every believer to vote biblically and learn how to run for local, state, or national office.

Dare to Dream

The book of Romans says that where sin abounds, grace abounds more. For as much darkness that we have witnessed in California, the light of revival will shine all the brighter. I believe that God is going to use California as a template for revival and reformation for all 50 states. If significant cultural transformation can happen in California, then it can happen anywhere.

What would this social transformation look like? One major goal of Revive California is to see California become a pro-life and pro-family state. Other signs of transformation include championing religious liberty, advocating small government, being pro-business, eradicating corruption, and recognizing that the church will always be essential.

I believe Jesus’ words recorded in the Gospel of Mark: “With God all things are possible.” Dare to dream with me that these can be the values shared by all of America. Now is the time to act—so that we may see reformation sweep across our land!

Ché Ahn and his wife, Sue, have been the Senior Pastors of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California, since 1994. Ché serves as the President of Harvest International Ministry, a global apostolic network equipping leaders, multiplying churches, evangelizing, and bringing revival and reformation to more than 65 nations. He is also the International Chancellor of Wagner University, an international educational institution equipping believers for practical ministry.

Ché has authored numerous books. He is a sought-after conference minister, apostolic leader, and moves powerfully in spiritual gifts and healing.

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