California Approves ‘Toilet-to-Tap’ Regulations

California approved new “toilet-to-tap” regulations designed to aid the state’s water supply.

Household wastewater will be treated for viruses and recycled back into the water supply.

Officials claim the process is safe, according to the New York Post.

“It will truly be the highest quality water delivered in the state when it’s done,” Darrin Polhemus said, Director of the Division of Drinking Water and the State Water Resources Control Board.

“If one fails, there’s still two remaining in its place as backups to make sure nothing goes untreated,” Polhemus added.

Laurel Firestone, a board member for the State Water Resources Control Board, stated, “Direct potable reuse is just a really critical strategy for our state to have as we move to this new hydrology that we have, and as everyone has already said, increasing our resilience and reducing our reliance on imported water.”

Cal Matters reported that recycled water is more expensive than imported water.