Bush Again Rips Republican Party: GOP Can’t Stand For ‘White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism’

Former President George W. Bush took another swipe at the Republican Party, saying if they fail to become a more inclusive party, they won’t “win anything.”

Bush made the comments during an interview on The Dispatch Podcast last week, conducted by Sarah Isgur and Stephen F. Hayes.

Isgur inquired as to whether Bush felt he could remain a member of the Republican Party if certain elements continue to push purity tests in favor of “Anglo-Saxon traditions.”

Bush hinted that if that push continues “there’s not going to be a party” before expressing the need to embrace immigration.

“The idea of kind of saying you can only be Republican ‘if,’ then the ultimate extension of that is it ends up being a one-person party,” he claimed.

It’s amusing to hear George W. Bush go after the Republican Party when the Democrat Party, during his entire two terms in office, cast him as a Nazi war criminal if he didn’t adhere to their purity tests.

Hayes continued on the theme, suggesting there are elements in the GOP that are simply louder than the moderates and that “they were talking about starting a caucus.”

Hayes’ comments were referring to an ‘America First’ caucus that had been the brainchild of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) before being scrapped.