British General Medical Council Removes Word ‘Mother’

The British General Medical Council (GMC) has removed the term “mother” in new guidance.

Instead, GMC employees are to use the term “parent” and avoid gendered language.

The term “surrogate mother” has also been changed to “surrogate parent.”

The GMC also suggested that menopause does not only affect females, stating that it “will work proactively to make adjustments where necessary to support individuals experiencing the menopause.”

One employee said the updated guidance is a “concerted effort to ignore the existence of women. Well, I am a woman.”

“It’s not appropriate for a medical organisation to ignore biology. They should stick to science. People are worried about putting their heads above the parapet,” the employee stated. “They are having the organisation’s ‘woke’ ideology forced on them, it’s not right.”

Reporting from The National Pulse:

Heather Welford of the maternity action group With Woman told one outlet following the guidance update, “[t]he decision by the GMC to obscure the fact that only women have babies is ideologically driven, medically inaccurate and unhelpful to women and babies. It moves away from the drive for plain English and makes medical literature unclear.”

“For medical professionals, the sex of a person is salient to their health care. Reputable organisations such as the GMC should not be changing language on a population level to pander to ideologically driven pressure groups,” she added.