Brazil’s Ministry of Defense Can’t Guarantee Voting Machines Weren’t Tampered With

The office issued a statement on Twitter saying it was “not possible” to rule out malice with the electronic machines.

  • Brazilian government officials say they can’t promise their election wasn’t tampered with due to the way the election was administered.
  • “It is not feasible to guarantee that the programs that were executed in the electronic voting machines are free from malicious insertions,” Brazil’s Ministry of Defense said in reply to an audit report.
  • The official was responding to outrage after Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro allegedly lost his reelection to leftist candidate Lula da Silva, despite his massive popularity.
  • From the official press release (translated with Google Translate): “In order to avoid distortions in the content of the report sent yesterday (9.11) to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), the Ministry of Defense clarifies that the accurate work of the team of military technicians in the inspection of the electronic voting system, although not mentioned, it also did not exclude the possibility of fraud or inconsistency in the electronic voting machines and in the 2022 electoral process. Furthermore, the report indicated important aspects that require clarification.”
  • “There was a possible security risk in the generation of programs from the electronic voting machines due to the occurrence of computers accessing the TSE network during the compilation of the source code,” the official response went on. “There were restrictions on the technicians’ adequate access to the source code and software libraries developed by third parties, making it impossible to fully understand the execution of the code, which covers more than 17 million lines of programming.”
  • “As a result of these findings and other obstacles listed in the report, it is not possible to guarantee that the programs that were executed in the electronic voting machines are free from malicious insertions that alter their functioning.”
  • Military leaders in Brazil are reportedly planning to release information regarding the corruption of the recent presidential election in their country, as American Faith reported earlier this week.
  • The information is believed to show that the election was stolen from Jair Bolsonaro, the more conservative candidate, who was opposed by globalists in the nation’s government.
  • One report indicates that the military audit of the election will show dozens of boxes of ballots that had no votes for Bolsonaro in them.
  • The military’s involvement follows widespread protests by Brazilians who believe their election was stolen by corrupt government officials.