Boston, Massachusetts Considers Mandating Masks for Schoolchildren

Boston Democratic Mayor Michelle Wu stated that Boston Public Schools is weighing a mask mandate for children following their Christmas break from school. “This time of year one year ago is when we were experiencing more than 1,000 staff absences in schools because of COVID every single day,” Wu said. “We will share a decision with families later this week. Our number one goal is to make sure everyone is safe and mostly staffing levels can [b]e where they need to be in order for schools to remain open,” Wu allegedly said.

From The Western Journal:

“We know as COVID levels have eased, people have felt comfortable traveling for the holidays, being in larger gatherings, being in more in person situations, and that means there will be a natural jump in COVID and other illnesses coming off this break. We are thinking about the best way to preempt that and thinking about the tools we have for a potential temporary masking period.”