Border Overwhelmed in San Diego as Mass Migrant Release Begins

Border Patrol agents in San Diego are releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants as they continue to deal with a surge of migrants.

Video revealed illegals from China and Pakistan being released from buses on the streets of San Diego.

“You’re free to go on and do wherever you want. You’re free,” the agent said in the video.

From Fox News:

The border as a whole has seen multiple days this week of over 7,000 illegal crossings, and when combined with migrants who have come to the ports of entry, that number rises to over 9,000.

Sources told Fox News this week that early indications show migrant encounters for August on track to exceed 230,000, making it the sixth month this fiscal year over 200,000. Fox has reported on how Border Patrol leadership is setting "bookout" targets to more quickly process migrants either into the interior or into deportation or removal.