Bishop Investigated for ‘Hate Crimes’ After Condemning Sexualization of Children

West Midlands Police in the UK launched an investigation into Church of England bishop Sam Margrave for “an alleged online hate crime” after he condemned the LGBT ideology. Margrave won a Church of England election for campaigning against the “sexualisation of Children” and promising to “stand for Biblical Truth on life, death, sex, and Marriage.” The issue started after Margrave requested the church examine its position on the LGBT movement, as many churches raise rainbow flags. While he thought “it would be a useful thing to raise,” Margrave ended up “getting death threats, threats from clergy,” and “threats from LGBT groups.”

From The Daily Signal:

Jenny Dymond, Cocksworth’s legal secretary, sent Margrave a letter on Jan. 30, alleging that Margrave’s tweets constitute defamation, harassment, and malicious communications. Among other claims, she highlighted Margrave’s tweets saying that “Queer theology builds on the work of paedophiles”; “Pride is the Nation’s next Jimmy Saville”; and “You don’t belong on General Synod. You belong on a register.”

[Justin] Welby, the head of the Church of England himself, joined the Archbishop of York, the Rt. Rev. Stephen Cottrell, in sending a letter to Margrave on Thursday. They wrote that Margrave’s tweets “failed to distinguish between serious allegations of criminal behaviour of specific individuals and the wider law-abiding LGBTQI+ community.”

Welby and Cottrell demanded that Margrave apologize publicly, “moderate your language in future on social media,” and “refrain from making generalised allegations of the behaviour of LGBTQI+ people.”

They ended the letter with a potential threat: “Membership of the General Synod is a privilege and a way in which we serve before our God.”