Billionaire Leftist George Soros Funded Manhattan DA’s Campaign with $1 Million

The Manhattan district attorney’s office, led by Alvin Bragg, has been at the center of a controversial investigation into former President Donald Trump’s alleged hush-money payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

However, recent reports suggest that Bragg’s campaign for DA was financially backed by a political action committee (PAC) funded by billionaire George Soros.

Bragg, who took office in November 2021, had been involved in multiple investigations into Trump and his family prior to his appointment, claiming to have sued Trump “more than 100 times” during his tenure in the New York Attorney General’s Office, The Daily Mail reports.

During his campaign, Bragg received over $1 million in support from the Color of Change PAC, which receives funding from Soros.

However, half of the funds were later withdrawn by the PAC following an allegation made against Bragg by an unidentified woman.

Despite this, Bragg has been rigorously pursuing the investigation into Trump’s alleged hush-money payments since his appointment, with reports suggesting that the investigation could come to a head soon.

Soros has a history of funding liberal district attorneys, with reports suggesting that he has spent at least $40 million on the project, Dail Mail notes.

This has led to the appointment of prosecutors who support his leftist agenda and have implemented policies such as the elimination of bail and the decision to not prosecute certain crimes.

Critics argue that these policies have contributed to a breakdown of law and order across major U.S. cities and a surge in crime.

On Monday, Trump took to Truth Social, his social media platform, to alert his followers to the news.

“District Attorney Alvin Bragg received in EXCESS OF ONE MILLION DOLLARS from Radical Left Enemy of ‘TRUMP,’ George Soros,” he wrote. “Bragg is also very close to the Clinton Campaign. Republicans and Conservatives are more UNITED than they have been in many years. Even Democrats don’t like what’s going on with the Manhattan D.A. This is a continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt of all time!”