Bill Martinez: How Much Is Enough?

Whether we’re talking about abortion or voter fraud, the question that keeps coming up is How much is enough? I recall Senator Richard Blumenthal quoting the famous Latin phrase, “Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus” (“False in one thing, false in everything”). This proves that even deceivers can run into the truth, if even by accident.

After the 2020 elections, more information is coming out very casually about America’s history of voter fraud, most recent (comparatively) in the Kennedy Nixon election, Obama’s 100% vote count in Philadelphia’s 58 voting districts, and, of course, Biden’s reported victory over an incumbent president that delivered on job increases, a robust economy prior to the pandemic, energy independence, national security including illegal immigration.

Everything that Biden with Obama never did for the American people in eight years was effectuated by the 45th President of the United States. So, through the power and influence of the Mainstream Media, social media oligarchs, and Chinese elite captured corporate entities, “We The People” were put into a state of amnesia to somehow believe the impossible.

According to Rasmussen, a growing number of Americans are indicating their doubt about the legitimacy of the 2020 election. And Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie, 2000 Mules, presents some of the voter fraud evidence that confirms all our suspicions.

So, in light of the presence of voter fraud, we need to ask ourselves just how much is acceptable? In some cases, even 1% of voter fraud could alter the results. And then you have extensive voter fraud in the hundreds of thousands of invalid votes in Pennsylvania.

California would be in the same position except the uni-party state managed to codify illegal voter activity. And what about the 3 million people on that state’s voter rolls that were agreed to be invalid and should be removed from their voter rolls. California did agree on 50%, but there is still no confirmation that they in fact even removed those names from their voter rolls, much less the remaining invalid voter names.

Plus, there was recent news that a California resident found over a hundred mail-in ballots on L.A. Street. I guess when it comes to voter integrity in California, all this is somehow tolerable because as they opine, what difference would 100 votes mean to the final results? Short term, maybe not but long term, certainly as we are seeing what happened in 2020.

What happened in 2020 has ignited an organic movement that is not dissipating. People are becoming more and more outspoken about securing our elections. Voter fraud can no longer be acceptable at any level. It is intolerable to the very essence of our Democratic Republic. Even, other European countries have more strict and vigilant voter processes than America. What is happening with our country?

We the People have a critical and binary decision to make. Voter fraud in any form or percentage is acceptable or unacceptable. Experience clearly demonstrates that voter fraud knows no limitation. It is a contagion that spreads and causes immeasurable damage to the heart and soul of the electorate, not to mention our country or our allies who are counting on us.

Case in point is the current administration. We know voter fraud exists regardless of a former attorney general who insists it doesn’t. According to The Heritage Foundation, people are being arrested and sentenced for voter fraud continually. It’s time to be real and declare that enough is enough and the light on the shinning hill must return to its former glory of moral integrity where everyone’s vote truly counts and reflects the consent of the governed.

These states who have been able to perpetuate voter fraud will not conform easily. There must be a plan to dissuade this bad behavior immediately and not 3-4 years down the road, way after the damage has been done.

One suggestion might be that if a state’s voter system has been compromised with illegal activity, the state can either choose to invalidate the results and do the vote again or if they insist on seating their questionable federal elected officials, then they can be seated in congress and the senate without a vote or ability to serve on any committee or position of leadership.

How quickly do you think they would move to ensure the security of their state’s elections? Just an idea to consider if we really want to have the confidence that our elections are fair and just. And this is just the start of effecting needed serious reform in our voter system. What do you think?

Bill Martinez is an award-winning marketing and broadcast journalist, former Marine and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, The Bill Martinez Show. Find out more at