Bill Martinez: A Year After, In Politics Little Has Changed

When it comes to politics, pausing to remember January 6th it’s clear that little has changed over the last year or even five years. The Democrats remain fully infected with TDS: Trump Derangement Syndrome.  

The Washington DC elites and power base are also making it clear that regardless of our US Constitution that outsiders of the “establishment” need not apply for President. 

For five years, Democrats have continued their “big lie” about Donald J. Trump. So much so, that regardless of the truth and over fifty million dollars of the people’s money to prove their witch hunt and Russian collusion delusion, even 19 Democratic lawyers and supporters of Hillary Clinton could not prove their case.  

After all that they came up with zero, nada, bupkis but they remained determined to teach us all a lesson. We The People are never ever to elect a non-bureaucrat president to office, or you will see more resistance, and impeachments. All justified in their ideocratic minds because we dared buck their established and acceptable system for power and control.

So, the Democrats in all their arrogance parade the ongoing narrative of the January 6th insurrection. Insurrection, a very dangerous word with implications that are being used to keep American patriots in jail who are only guilty of doing what they are protected to do by our constitution. It is also being used to accommodate terms like domestic terrorists to punish anyone outside the accepted party line.

Certainly, there were some who broke the law, and damaged property to the tune of $1.5 million. Unlike the Vice President, I am not suggesting manipulating the system so as to escape accountability. My objection is for the salt of the earth American patriot who may have got caught up in the moment, followed the urging of positioned agitators (some government operatives) or Capitol Police who invited them into the building.  

All this is well documented on various video sources and signed testimonies and affidavits. So why, you may ask, are they being mistreated like this, including solitary confinement, and reports of prisoner abuse by the guards? Even elected representatives are being blocked from getting inside the jail to confirm reports. So, again what is this all about?

Two reasons. 1. Donald J. Trump must be fully destroyed and kept from running for office ever again. Hence the term “insurrection” that all the media talking heads so irresponsibly spit out. They have no idea of the implications. Implications that may come back on them. Stay tuned. 

And 2. You noticed the obvious pivot to voting rights. Democrats want us to believe that the January 6th riots were about impeding the vote. Actually, the mostly law-abiding citizens went to Washington DC to voice their lack of confidence in the 2020 election results. Think about it, over two million people showed up to peacefully present their case.

Yes, our Democracy was challenged and our elected officials failed in their responsibility to defend our Democracy. Basically, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and the Democrats along with some Republicans ignored the voices of more than 2 million people. They canceled the real issue and shifted the narrative to the alleged riots or insurrection.  

It is sad to think that our elected officials cannot find it within themselves to defend the very institution that they have sworn to uphold. Are they saying that our Democracy is incapable of defending its principles especially when it comes to voter integrity? Bottom line, are you more or less confident in America’s voting process after what we experienced in 2020?

I get it. Generally, people don’t like surprises. Trump was a surprise no doubt for those who are so ideologically fixed. Biden, you might say an even bigger surprise yet again. 

But more than surprises, Americans resent being lied to. You speak of unity but it is an illusion absent the truth.  

If we are to get our country back on track we must re-embrace first principles as enumerated in our constitution. Otherwise, we will victimize ourselves into the ash heap of history. Which by the way, the Chinese and Russians can’t wait to see.  

Bill Martinez is an award-winning marketing and broadcast journalist and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, The Bill Martinez Show. Find out more at