Bill Gates Discusses Climate Change While Traveling in Carbon-Emitting Private Jet

Gates’ $70 million Gulfstream jet burns roughly 1,700 liters of fuel per hour.

  • Microsoft founder Bill Gates traveled to Sydney, Australia, meeting with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to discuss climate change and Gates’ sustainable climate technology organization, Breakthrough Energy.
  • The company’s mission is to develop the technologies necessary to reach “net-zero emissions,” though its founder markets the organization while traveling on private gas-guzzling jets.
  • “Both the foundation and Breakthrough Energy are excited about the things we can do together,” Gates said to PM Albanese.
  • Climate change will ultimately result in “all sorts of natural ecosystems [disappearing] and all sorts of places in the world you can’t do outdoor work,” said Gates, at an event hosted by the think tank Lowy Institute.
  • “The key is to minimize the warming as much as possible,” Gates explained.
  • Interestingly, Gates noted in his book, How To Avoid Climate Disaster, that he took a private plane to the Paris climate conference, asking himself, “so who am I to lecture anyone on the environment?”
  • Bill Gates on Monday implored the Lowy Institute attendees to prepare for the next pandemic.
  • “We need to be doing every five years a comprehensive exercise at both country and regional levels of pandemic preparedness and you need a global group that’s scoring everybody,” said Gates (emphasis added).
  • Gates initially discussed pandemic preparedness in 2015.
  • Gates also called for the eradication of malaria and released genetically-modified mosquitos in California and Florida in April 2022. A group called GMO/Toxin Free USA said the action presented “safety concerns.”
  • In 2013, Bill Gates invested in artificial eggs, a decade before the now underway U.S. egg shortage.
  • Despite the U.S. Department of Agriculture stating in September that there are no food shortages, American Faith compiled a list of 103 food manufacturing facilities destroyed under the Biden administration, which likely contributed to the current various food shortages.
  • Bill Gates also purchased over 2,100 acres of North Dakota farmland, as he represents the largest private owner of U.S. farmland, holding 270,000 acres.