Biden’s Overall Approval at 42%

A Harvard Caps/Harris poll revealed that 55% of Americans do not approve of Biden. On specific issues, 39% approve of the president’s handling of the economy, 38% approve of Biden’s immigration policy, and 38% approve of how Biden has handled inflation. 50% of poll respondents believe Biden handled matters relating to Covid-19 well.

From Breitbart:

Further, less than half, 48 percent, approve of Biden “stimulating jobs,” while just 44 percent approve of his handling of “fighting terrorism.”

Forty-two percent approve of his administering the government, and 39 percent approve of his dealing with violence and crime in the country. 

Another 43 percent approve of his handling of foreign affairs — perhaps one of the most significant data points, as it precedes Biden’s unexpected trip to Ukraine, of which the U.S. has given tens of billions of dollars.