Biden’s Only Real Success as President Is Really Trump’s

Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I really don’t know where the country is headed with this whole kombucha thing.

We’re going to mostly continue with yesterday’s theme: Biden’s an idiot, the media is evil, all the worst people wear pants and so on. Some things just bear repeating.

I spent part of yesterday going over some more media-generated fairy tales about Joe Biden for the column I mentioned that I was writing. The longer he’s squatting in the Oval Office, the more concussed and fantastical the tales become. We see a doddering old man who always looks confused; they see a champion on a winged stallion, soaring about the land and performing feats of transformation. It’s quite good stuff if you’re a fan of fiction.

Once more, with feeling: the Biden kinda/sorta presidency thus far is an unmitigated disaster. True, there are partisans out there who are so invested in hating Donald Trump that they’re willing to tell themselves otherwise but that doesn’t change reality. We call these people unwell. Harsher terms could be used, but I’m in a generous mood today. We’ll get back to referring to them as bottom-feeding participants in a moronic mass-delusion tomorrow.

Can’t you just feel the positivity radiating from me?

Here’s a partial list of Biden disasters thus far: the Mexican border, inflation, the overnight vanishing of the peace Trump brokered in the Middle East, gas lines, and endless press reporting about his stupid dogs.

Oh yeah, what he does to the English language when he speaks in public has been pretty brutal too.

The only thing that Team Dumpster Fire can point to as a success has been the widespread rollout and administration of the COVID-19 vaccine, which has gone very well. Biden, Democrats, and their flying monkeys in the media are all doing victory laps over this but the man they love to hate reminded them that he’s the reason they’re in this position.