Biden’s New $3 Billion to Ukraine Could Take a Year to Reach the Frontlines

Ukrainian parliament gave themselves a raise, too.

  • The Biden administration has announced it’s sending an additional $3 billion in aid to Ukraine during its conflict with Russia.
  • This gift goes out as Americans struggle with a number of economic issues including food shortages, inflation, and high gas prices.
  • Some Russian-sponsored media responded to the announcement asserting that it could be months or “years” before the aid ever reaches the Ukrainian military forces.
  • Breitbart News offered a similar report stating that it could be “a year at least until they see the battlefield.”
  • Another Russia-based outlet asserted that the continued support for Ukraine could be seen as a “catalyst for future conflict” in the European region of Ukraine and Russia.
  • Additionally, frustration arose regarding a Ukrainian parliament resolution in which the governing body voted to give themselves a raise, thanks at least in part to the U.S. taxpayer funds being sent to the nation.
  • Biden’s assistance for Ukraine’s protection of their border was seen by some as a dereliction of duty, considering the aid many Americans feel the president should be focused on America.
  • Biden’s assistance for Ukraine’s protection of their border was seen by some as a slap in the face for Americans who were hoping for their own borders to be protected.
  • Political commentator Tim Young said, “How much more secure could we have made our own southern border for the $775 million Biden sent to Ukraine today?” just days before Wednesday’s announcement.
  • Fellow conservative Allie Stuckey said, “Remember that as inflation crushes the working class, the border is completely overwhelmed, fentanyl floods our streets, and the energy crisis worsens that the Biden administration cares more about Ukraine than you.”
  • Republican lawmaker Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) weighed in saying, “$3 billion more to Ukraine, and ~$300 billion in ‘loan cancellation.’ Today is further proof that the Biden admin cares about foreign borders and coastal elites – not the Americans being crushed by inflation, crime, and a border crisis.”
  • The United States’ most recent assistance to Ukraine is the 20th such package sent to Ukraine in the form of either weapons and/or money to assist them in their conflict.
  • In total, the United States has committed $13.7 billion to Ukraine since the start of the war six months ago.
  • As of August 3, European institutions have committed over 12 billion euros of financial aid to the eastern European nation, while the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and Poland have committed a combined additional 6 billion in financial aid.