Biden Releases More Illegal Immigrants Than Total Population of Dallas Texas

New border policies make it easier for migrants to be free within the United States, including those detained by border patrol.

  • Recent reports indicate that more than 1.5 million illegal immigrants have been allowed into the United States since President Joe Biden took office. 
  • The Washington Examiner reported an analysis from the Department of Homeland security that calculated how many immigrants were knowingly released and who “got away” from border patrol.
  • Roughly 756,000 migrants encountered at the border were knowingly released, 146,000 illegal youths were given to guardians inside the United States, and an estimated 620,000 “got-aways” are now free within our borders. 
  • The Center for Immigration Studies released data that shows how much of what the Trump administration did to fend off illegal immigration has been undone.
  • “The Biden administration’s open border policies have let in more than 1.5 million illegal immigrants, enough to double the size of Dallas or San Diego, according to a former immigration judge,” tweeted The Examiner.
  • Former immigration judge and migration expert Andrew Arthur said it’s his opinion that “the president has no plans to stop it. This is not ‘open borders,’ or ‘catch and release,’” Arthur wrote. “It is ‘no border’ with federal travel assistance.”
  • “The numbers are clear: DHS has released more than 756,000 aliens encountered by CBP at the Southwest border into the United States since Joe Biden became president, not counting 146,000-plus unaccompanied children released by HHS to sponsors and 620,000 aliens who evaded apprehension. Each is here indefinitely, and most forever. That is unsustainable — but the president has no plan to stop it anytime soon,” Arthur went on to say.
  • The flow of migrants entering the United States has caused border states to take drastic measures to force politicians’ hands. 
  • Earlier in the week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbot began enacting his plan to take busloads of illegal immigrants to Washington DC.
  • According to The New York Post, so far busloads of migrants have been delivered to DC.