Biden, Left-Wing Media Still Pushing Myth That White Supremacy Is ‘Deadliest Terrorism Threat’ In U.S.

There’s a reason the Biden administration and left-wing media outlets don’t cite any data.

Politico—a politically left-leaning news organization, according to AllSides—published an article this morning claiming that a “federal review found that militia extremists and racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists pose the deadliest terrorism threat to the U.S.”

The article went on to report how the White House, led by the National Security Council (NSC), had recently announced a “cross-agency strategy to combat domestic terrorism.”

“The effort is the culmination of a review, led by the National Security Council, of how the U.S. government has dealt with the growing threat,” writes Politico. “It reiterates that militia extremists and racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists — predominantly white supremacists — are the most lethal and persistent terrorism threat facing the U.S.”

That’s an extraordinary claim.

But, as American astronomer Carl Sagan famously stated, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” So what is the extraordinary data that substantiates the claim that white supremacists “are the most persistent terrorism threat facing the U.S.”?

After all, any American would be disturbed by the thought of “lethal and persistent” terrorism occurring in their own country. No one whose cognitive faculties are fully functioning likes terrorism.

But where’s the data indicating that white supremacy specifically poses the “most” lethal and persistent threat of violence in the U.S.?

One would expect the White House and NSC to present impressive, if not startling, numbers and figures to justify such an extraordinary claim.

But do they present any data at all, according to the Politico article?

Let’s look at the only bit of evidence it puts forward:

‘Persistent Transnational Connections

According to Politico, a senior administration official stated that a review led by the NSC had “found that violent extremists who promote the superiority of the white race have the most persistent transnational connections, and maybe have frequent contact with violent extremists abroad.”

The idea is that high frequency of contact and communications between extremely violent white supremacist groups internationally would justify labeling white supremacy as the “most lethal and persistent terrorism threat.”

Of course, the Biden admin. and NSC don’t mean to say that “persistent transnational connections” and “frequent contact” per se qualify as violence or the threat of violence. Making frequent connections isn’t dangerous in and of itself. Otherwise, for example, the G7 summit held in Carbis Bay, Cornwall this week—at which Biden himself was found (nevertheless committing embarrassing gaffe after embarrassing gaffe), according to the White House, “rallying the world’s democracies” to launch their globalist “Build Back Better World (B3W)”—would qualify as violence. For, G7 meetings and the B3W have involved, do involve, and will involve “persistent transnational connections” as well as “frequent contact” to accomplish.

What the Biden admin. and NSC do mean is that it is the characteristic of these white supremacists’ frequent, transnational connections being “violent” that is the problem.

But the piece doesn’t cite instances of violence. Nor does it give an example of a single, solitary “connection” between one white supremacist group in one country and another white supremacist group in another. In fact, the Politico article admits outright that the NSC didn’t find one “connection” between domestic and foreign white supremacist groups at all.

“the review did not find a strong connection between domestic terrorism and foreign actors, the official noted,” writes Politico.

What the Biden Administration and Left-Wing Media Really Want

Biden and the left-wing media aren’t pushing the “white supremacy is the most lethal and persistent terrorism threat” myth due to the high volume of white supremacist violence in America because there isn’t a high volume of white supremacist violence in America.

Bill O’Reilly has already shown Department of Justice stats indicating that there were a total of no more than five (5) federal cases brought against white supremacists in 2020, after which fourteen (14) individuals were charged. But fourteen individuals charged in connection with white supremacy out of 332,000,000 Americans is only .000004% of the population. So to call white supremacy “the most lethal and persistent terrorism threat facing the U.S.” is ignorant at best and deceitful at worst.

But Biden and the left-wing media aren’t pushing the myth due to frequent international contact between white supremacist groups either, because there isn’t any of that—according to the NSC itself—too.

Then why are Biden and the left-wing media pushing this myth?

They’re pushing it to advance these five elements in our country:

Critical Race Theory

What Biden and the left-wing media really want is to normalize ‘Critical Race Theory’ (CRT) in the U.S.

CRT is an anti-American ideology rooted in Marxism. It is an ideology that’s led to the untimely deaths of untold millions around the world. In CRT, being patriotic is irrationally equated with racism, xenophobia, and ethnocentrism. CRT aims to sew the seeds of discord between whites and non-whites in the West.

This is why, as the Politico article reports, the NSC’s “strategy document” concludes that the mythic white supremacy problem necessitates “tackling racism in America.” Notably, without citing any instance of racism.

Gun Control

What Biden and the left-wing media really want is increased federal gun control. They want to encroach on every American citizen’s Second Amendment right to bear arms.

This explains why the NSC’s strategy document also concludes, “It means protecting Americans from gun violence and mass murders. It means ensuring that we provide early intervention and appropriate care for those who pose a danger to themselves or others.” Again, without citing relevant data.

Increased Government Spending

Biden and the left-wing media really want to increase the national debt, which is already approaching $30 trillion.

Politico reports, “To help DHS, U.S. attorneys offices and FBI field offices have the necessary resources to address domestic terrorism, the administration is seeking over $100 million in the president’s Fiscal Year 2022 budget.”

Globalist Fascism

Biden and the left-wing media really want to forfeit American interests in favor of a globalist agenda, accomplished through the unification of government with private corporations (here, here, here), especially with Big Tech:

“This also means the government will work with tech companies to improve information-sharing with social media platforms — a key vector for recruitment and the mobilization of violence — so that companies can better enforce their terms of service agreements to protect users, a senior administration official said. The strategy also includes a focus on digital literacy programming,” Politico writes.

Big Tech’s already-underway crusade against conservatism (here, here) has by now done so much damage to society that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has proposed legislation to “penalize social media companies” from doing so anymore (here).

Purging Conservatives from U.S. Government

Finally, Biden and the left-wing media really want to purge conservative voices from American politics. They will do this by “screening” out those whom it deems to be “terrorists” from “getting national security jobs,” and from working in the U.S. military or law enforcement agencies.

However, what the Biden admin. refers to as “screening terrorists” really just means unfairly targeting conservatives and supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Here’s how the Politico article puts it:

[The NSC’s strategy] also says the government is working to “augment the screening process” for people receiving security clearances for government work as part of its efforts to keep potential domestic terrorists from getting national security jobs. And it says the State Department and Treasury Department are working together to assess whether more foreign groups linked to domestic terrorism can be formally designated as terrorist groups — moves that would ban Americans from giving them money. The document says that Treasury is also “enhancing engagement with financial institutions on domestic terrorist financing.”

The Department of Defense will also collaborate with DHS and the Justice Department to ensure that domestic terrorists are not working in the U.S. military or law enforcement agencies. The Pentagon will implement training for service members who leave or retire from the military — frequent targets of extremist groups — according to the strategy document.

“We will work toward finding ways to counter the influence and impact of dangerous conspiracy theories that can provide a gateway to terrorist violence,” the strategy document says.


You won’t hear any data behind the absurd claim, “white supremacy is the most lethal threat facing the United States,” because it’s based on myth, not reality.

But you’ll hear plenty about the left’s so-called “strategy” to combat this myth: destroying Americans’ right to patriotism, right to a gun, right to low taxes, right to freedom from fascist tyranny, and right to preserve conservative values; all of the rights that make America great; all of the rights we should fight for.

Jon Fleetwood is Managing Editor for American Faith.