Biden Family Linked to $3 Million Wire Transfer from Chinese Company, Financial Records Reveal

The Committee on Oversight and Accountability released a memorandum on Thursday, revealing new evidence in their investigation into the Biden family’s influence peddling and business schemes.

The memorandum focuses on financial records related to John Robinson Walker, a Biden family associate, and his company, Robinson Walker, LLC.

According to the memorandum, bank records obtained through a subpoena show that Walker transferred money to several Biden family members using his company.

The records reveal that “Robinson Walker, LLC received a $3 million wire from a Chinese company in March 2017—less than two months after Vice President Joe Biden left public office—and that Mr. Walker then transferred over a million dollars to various bank accounts associated with the Bidens in the following months.”

The memorandum includes a synopsis of the payments made from Robinson Walker, LLC to the Biden family members, such as Hallie Biden, James Brian Biden Sr. (James Biden), Robert Hunter Biden (Hunter Biden), and an unknown bank account identified as “Biden.”

The committee expressed its concerns, stating: “The Committee is concerned about the national security implications of a President’s or Vice President’s immediate family members receiving millions of dollars from foreign nationals or companies without any oversight. Current financial disclosure laws and regulations do not require non-dependent family members to provide any information to the public.”

The memorandum calls for “meaningful reforms to government ethics and disclosure laws that will provide necessary transparency into a President’s or Vice President’s immediate family members’ income, assets, and financial relationships with companies.”

The Committee aims to develop legislation that would strengthen reporting requirements related to certain foreign transactions involving senior elected officials’ family members and implement financial disclosure laws that shed light on the ownership of opaque corporate entities.

The Committee emphasizes the importance of transparency, stating: “The American people deserve transparency into the extent of the Biden family’s influence peddling, and we intend to deliver legislation that will preclude family members from capitalizing on their relatives’ public office. In doing so, the Committee will restore honesty and integrity to the highest levels of our government.”

As the investigation continues, the Oversight Committee will work to uncover additional information and address critical questions surrounding the Biden family’s financial dealings.

Read the full memorandum below: