Biden Coming After Schools In Defiance Of Transgender Sports

The Biden administration kicked off back to school season by threatening schools that embrace traditional gender ideology.

In a video address on Tuesday, Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke said transgender students should be allowed to compete with whatever gender they identify with for sports and go into any bathroom they want. She then appeared all too eager to threaten schools that refuse to comply.

“We’re here to say that’s wrong and its against the law,” she stated.

“Right now we are fighting against laws that tried to ban transgender athletes in West Virginia and deny health care for transgender young people in Arkansas,” Clarke continued. “And recently, federal courts in both states have blocked those laws from being applied.”

Acting Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Suzanne Goldberg also chimed in and urged students to report cases in which biological males are not allowed to enter women’s space such as female bathrooms.

“We know that you are resilient and we hope you find support where and when you need it,” she stated. “But we also want you to know the Department of Education and the entire federal government stands behind you. Your rights at school matter.”

Meanwhile, Assistant Secretary to the Department of Health and Human Services, Rachel Levine claimed that students have the right to sex-altering services, many of which have sterilizing effects.

This prompted former HHS Office for Civil Rights Director Roger Severino to say the Biden administration’s video address is pushing unscientific ideologies.

“Kids, especially girls, will be damaged by decisions being made by Biden administration appointees who won’t have to live with the long-term consequences,” he noted.