Biden and Fauci Host A Youtuber Who Disparaged ‘White People’

Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci continue to struggle with public relations amid worldwide reports of vaccine recipients developing injuries and illnesses, and increasing scrutiny on the fact that Fauci funded a bat coronavirus project at the Wuhan Institute of Virology prior to the outbreak.

Biden and Fauci convened a string of Zoom calls with Youtube personalities to propagandize for the Coronavirus vaccine, in response to flagging enthusiasm for the vaccine among the young people. One of these personalities, Jackie Aina, who is routinely praised for diversifying the beauty expert genre, has made disparaging remarks about “white people.”

Aina said “why do white people HATE saying excuse me?! Lmfaooooo it’s so funny I’ll look someone dead in the face and wait for them to say it, and they just stand there nervously looking like they’re going to shite their parents even if they bump into ME!”