Biden Admin Sending Ukraine Another $2 Billion in Military Aid: ‘Could Take A Year or Two to Get to the Battlefront’ (AP)

President Biden has approved a new $2 billion military aid package for Ukraine, including high-tech drones and ammunition, marking the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of the country.

“Today, on the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion, the United States is announcing a series of additional actions to continue providing Ukraine with the support it needs and holding Russia accountable for its war of aggression,” a White House statement reads.

The aid includes weapons designed to target Russia’s unnamed systems, as well as electronic warfare detection equipment, mine-clearing devices, drones, and technology to secure lines of communication.

The package also includes ammunition for high-mobility artillery rocket systems and munitions for laser-guided rocket systems.

The aid will come through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI). However, the USAI-funded equipment “could take a year or two to get to the battlefront” and “will do little to help Ukraine prepare for an expected new offensive in the spring,” according to The Associated Press.

This latest shipment of weapons brings the total amount of security assistance the U.S. has provided to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion to over $32 billion by some estimates. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said on Thursday that the U.S. has sent upwards of $200 billion to Ukraine.

The initiative, which was authorized by Congress, allows President Biden to purchase the weapons from private contractors instead of relying on the Pentagon’s weapons stock.

In a statement, President Biden emphasized the his administration’s commitment to supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“We call on Russia to stop its ongoing aggression and to immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw its troops from the entire internationally recognized territory of Ukraine,” he said.

Meanwhile, Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) introduced a resolution to find out exactly where U.S. taxpayer money for Ukraine is going.

“While the warmongers and the Biden Administration have sent over $113 billion in foreign aid to Ukraine, our border patrol asked for just $15.46 billion to secure our southern border and stop the flow of Chinese-made, Mexican Cartel imported fentanyl and human trafficking into the United States,” Rep. Greene’s press release reads.

“President Trump’s border wall would have cost only $22 billion to stop the more than 6 million aliens that have invaded our country illegally since Biden took office,” the release reads. “The 82,000 Russians invading Ukraine pales in comparison.”

In a Thursday tweet, she wrote, “Ukraine is the new Iraq.”

“Our country is run by stupid warmongers that are so clueless and disconnected with what the American people want that they are literally leading us into World War 3. That’s why I’m introducing a resolution to find out exactly where OUR money is going.”