Biden Admin. Blamed for Supply Chain Crisis Leaving Shelves Empty Nationwide

Supply chain crisis puts a strain on stores to keep necessities like baby formula as supplies are strained due to manufacturing, packaging, and transportation.

  • Bare store shelves have been found nationwide as the supply chain continues to go unrepaired following the height of the coronavirus crisis.
  • Necessities such as baby formula are becoming more difficult to find, as CBS Mornings reported in a recent news spot.
  • Experts cited production, packaging as well as transportation as the reason some stores are having trouble keeping products on their shelves.
  • According to The National Review, the crisis isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and the Biden administration is looking to do all it can to deflect blame for the crisis growing in momentum.
  • More than one expert is citing shipping and delivery as the primary issue behind the crisis, leading to lower inventory in stores.
  • An Op-Ed in Bloomberg stated, “In an effort to drive down costs, manufacturers and retailers cultivated gossamer-thin networks dependent on low-priced, just-in-time shipping from around the world.”
  • The system then broke down when huge swaths of people and companies were down for the count amid COVID-19 concerns and mandatory lockdowns.
  • The National Review’s analysis stated that while the $550 infrastructure bill claims it will fix the problem, there is in reality likely little that the administration can do at this point that free enterprise won’t do better.
  • An account from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach indicated there were 95 ships waiting to even be unloaded as of Dec 10.
  • According to The Cato Institute, “America’s ports problem is decades in the making” and is contingent on trade involving other countries.