Biden Admin. Asks State Legislatures to Pass Gun Ban Rejected By U.S. Senate

The Biden administration is taking an assault weapons ban that was rejected recently by the United States Senate to state legislatures in hopes of its passing.

On December 6, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer failed to secure the passage of the “assault weapons” ban that Republicans rejected.

The administration is now taking the ban to states to pass laws that would allow gun companies to be sued over the use of legally made firearms.

“We are fighting just for what is reasonable and, of course, what is right,” Vice President Kamala Harris said this week in front of legislators from 39 different states.

Stefanie Feldman, director of the White House office of gun violence prevention, said the administration was going to “continue to call on Congress to act but in the meantime, we are going to be working hand in hand with states to advance all these agenda items.”