Bexar County, TX Sheriff Investigating DeSantis’ Role in Moving Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard

The Bexar County Sheriff has launched an investigation to look into Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ involvement in flying immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

  • Texas Sheriff Javier Salazar announced Monday that Bexar County will be opening an investigation into how migrants were “lured” to board flights from Texas to the wealthy island of Martha’s Vineyard last week.
  • “As we understand it, 48 migrants were lured – I will use the word lured – under false pretenses into staying at a hotel for a couple of days,” Salazar said. “They were taken to Martha’s Vineyard from what from what we can gather for nothing more, for little more than a photo op, video op, and then they were unceremoniously stranded in Martha’s Vineyard.”
  • Salazar claimed it was unclear as to whether any laws were broken but said the migrants, who voluntarily took the transportation, “were unceremoniously stranded in Martha’s Vineyard.”
  • “These are just the beginning efforts. We’ve got an infrastructure in place now. There’s going to be a lot more that’s happening,” Gov. DeSantis said. “It’s obvious that’s where they were going. It’s all voluntary.”
  • The Florida governor went on to say that “It’s only when fifty get put into Martha’s Vineyard, which wasn’t saying they didn’t want this. They said they wanted this, they said they were a sanctuary jurisdiction.”
  • President Joe Biden’s border policy has welcomed 1.15 million migrants across the border in just the past 11 months, according to data released by the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Few of those migrants have been flown home and many were later able to sneak their way across the border illegally.
  • Border patrol has admitted another one million legal migrants, visa workers, and those looking for work but who are claiming to be short-term tourists.
  • As a result, Biden’s immigration policies have skyrocketed rent and housing prices, increased inflation, and continue to bring down Americans’ wages.