Berlin University Tells Students Not to Report Sex Offenders Over Fears of ‘Racism’

“The concern here is obviously less for the potential victim than for the perpetrator,” reads a letter from the university.

  • A sex offender with a reported migrant status has been harassing students at Berlin’s Free University (FU).
  • The university’s General Students’ Committee (AStA) released a letter to students telling them not to alert police of harassment due to fears of “racism.”
  • “We would like to point out that police operations for people affected by racism are generally associated with an increased risk of experiencing police violence,” the letter says.
  • The letter added that many police offers are “not sufficiently trained in dealing with psychologically exceptional situations.”
  • The letter also warned about excessive force from police officers and noted, “the concern here is obviously less for the potential victim than for the perpetrator.”
  • Berlin police responded to the university’s statement and tweeted, “Anyone who is in danger or affected by a crime or becomes aware of an emergency situation of others should not let anything or anyone stop them from acting. Call us – dial 110! We are here for you.”
  • In 2020, it was discovered that the Free University of Berlin had a contract with China to create a Chinese teacher-training program.
  • Under the contract, FU has to abide by Chinese law or else have the contract revoked.
  • FU received criticism from the contract, with some saying the agreement places the university under political pressure from China by forcing FU to submit to “Chinese laws and Chinese jurisdiction,” said Jens Bradenburf of Germany’s Free Democratic Party.
  • Woke “anti-racist” efforts are prevalent throughout higher education internationally.
  • The University of California system created a job performance review that focused on “anti-racism learning and reflection” in employees.
  • The Washington Post called for Washington University to change its name due to “racism.”