Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire Hires Former Disney Exec to Be CMO

To help Ben Shapiro and the Daily Wire continue to venture into the entertainment and subscription streaming business, the company has reportedly hired a former Disney executive to serve in the company’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) role.

The right-leaning media outlet has hired Eric Caballero to be the CMO, who recently worked as a Vice President in Disney’s media and entertainment distribution group, The Hollywood Reporter (THR) first covered.

“While it includes politically focused content from The Daily Wire as well as some other conservative programming, the company is moving further into entertainment, committing $100 million to produce kids and family fare, and expanding into original movies (including a Gina Carano-led offering called ‘Terror on the Prairie’),” THR reported on the scope of Caballero’s work.

Jeremy Boreing, the co-CEO at the Daily Wire, said in a statement that Disney’s audience is sick and tired of the company’s progressive activism and expressed Daily Wire’s intentions to progress deeper into the children’s media space.

Companies like Disney have betrayed their family-friendly and pro-America audiences because of outsize influence from activist shareholders and employees, leaving money and opportunity on the table in the process,” Boering explained.

“But their loss is our gain — not just in audience, but in talent,” he added.

The Daily Wire co-CEO claimed “high-level talent at some of the biggest entertainment companies in the world” are calling him to try and work with the Daily Wire.

Caballero hopes to captivate the Daily Wire’s audience in a way similar to his work at Disney. “I studied Disney’s traditions of customer obsession, of multi-generational franchise-building, and of broadening Hollywood’s best talent,” Caballero told THR in a statement.

Earlier this month another Disney exec joined the Daily Wire. Chris Sonnenburg, the showrunner of Disney’s “Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure” was hired to be the Daily Wire’s senior vice president of animation development and production.

Conservatives across social media expressed concern over Disney employees coming to take on high-level roles at the Daily Wire.

“I thought you said Disney was full of woke groomers and here you’ve gone and hired one of their former employees,” one Twitter user commented.

“My only worry is if Eric is gonna even try to bring some of Disney’s “values” into DW. But I would hope you guys have vetted him enough to know that this isn’t a concern with him?” another individual on Twitter added.