Ben Shapiro is launching a new show

Ben Shapiro, the Daily Wire conservative commentator known best for his popular podcast “The Ben Shapiro Show,” is launching a new show called “Debunked,” Axios has learned.

Why it matters: Shapiro has made a brand for himself with his viral attempts to dissect left-wing arguments on his podcast. Now he’ll take that format to video, where he’ll air videos of left-wing figures making claims that he will confront.

Details: In a trailer for the new show seen by Axios, Shapiro says he will walk viewers through “all of the supporting research to debunk arguments made by the left, and expose every fallacy the left throws at you.”

  • Each week, Shapiro says he will try to debunk a common left-wing argument on the show in 15 minutes or less.
  • He will touch on a range of topics, from policing to minimum wage, using research to make his arguments.
  • The show will debut on Friday, exclusively to paid subscribers of the Daily Wire.

The big picture: The Daily Wire has been moving into entertainment in an effort to bolster its subscription business.

  • The company announced two weeks ago that it is developing a new movie with Gina Carano, the “Mandalorian” actress who was booted from the series after incendiary comments she made comparing political hate to anti-Semitism.
  • The pivot to subscriptions means that the company will need to make longer-term upfront investments in video shows, movies and documentaries to drive loyal subscribers.
  • While the company has said it wants to differentiate itself from other conservative subscription media brands by focusing mostly on entertainment, rather than political commentary, this show will be the exception to that rule.