Ben Carson Rips ‘Woke’ Changes to Christmas Songs as Political Correctness Worsens

Former HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson sounded off Friday on the latest piece of “woke” news, this time from England where one church rewrote the lyrics to “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” to include stanzas like “God Rest You Queer and Questioning.”

On “Hannity,” Carson recalled how he spoke at the 1997 National Prayer Breakfast, where even then he voiced concern about the creep of political correctness.

“[I said that] if we continued along that pathway, it was going to destroy our nation. It has continued to get worse. Now it’s morphed into wokeness,” he said.

“And we have a situation on our college campuses where students are afraid to express themselves. Conservative students are colleges supposed to be a place where you explore, and you have an opportunity to discuss certain things so that you can determine which way you’re going.”

Carson said the overarching issue is that people’s freedom of speech is being shut down, whether it be by Big Tech, social media or college professors on progressive campuses.

“If the government is compliant with that, it’s the same as if they’re doing it. And we, the American people should be outraged about that,” he said.

“Our freedoms come from God: that’s stated in our Declaration of Independence. And yet we’re allowing them to be taken away from us.”

Carson later pivoted to the omnibus spending bill recently passed through Congress, saying that all of the earmarks and programs it funds are not the ones the government is supposed to focus on for the good of the people.

“Most people don’t even know their neighbors anymore,” he later added. “[We] don’t even know what their names are… All of these things are changing us from the dynamic and innovative people that we used to be.”

“We had a system that encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. Most of the big inventions in the world came from the United States of America. But if everybody is thinking the same way and saying the same things, where’s that out of the box thinking that’s going to allow us to continue to be that beacon?” Carson asked.

Reporting from Fox News.