Republicans Should Focus on America, Not Ukraine

Obviously, the war in Ukraine is a tragedy of monumental proportions. Over three million Ukrainians have fled their country in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion. While brave Ukrainians have put up a very stout defense of their nation, the Russians have been able to take control of some areas and are killing innocent civilians.

GOP Bounces to Historic Lead on 2022 Ballot in New Poll

It's still brutal out there for President Biden, according to the latest tranche of public polling, some of which  Rebecca covered yesterday.

Kyle Rittenhouse Seeks Apology from Joe Biden Over Campaign Ad Likening Him to White Supremacy

Kyle Rittenhouse wants President Joe Biden to apologize for linking him to white supremacy in a 2020 campaign advertisement.

Biden’s Current National Security Advisor Played a Key Role in the Russian Collusion Hoax

President Biden's National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan hasn't had a great run in the White House over the last year — from absurd claims about the fate of Afghanistan's government to attempts to cover for Biden's botched withdrawal to more recent briefings about the escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine — he's proven to be little more than a partisan hack who expects everyone to believe what he says without question.

Virginia Senate Passes Bill Mandating Parental Choice on School Masking

Note well that this was the Democrat-controlled Virginia State Senate.

Biden Sends U.S. Taxpayer Dollars to Taliban… to Save Afghan Salamanders?

Months since Biden tried to claim credit for successfully withdrawing the United States from Afghanistan despite his exit being deadly chaos that left a still unknown number of Americans behind, Biden is allowing American tax dollars to flow back into the failed state that's now under terrorist control.

The IRS Has Some Interesting Advice About Stolen Property and Bribes

Tax season is right around the corner and the IRS wants thieves to know how they should report stolen property on their tax returns.

New Polling Shows Biden Approval Sinking Below Kamala Harris

New polling from Gallup shows President Joe Biden has a lower approval rating than Vice President Kamala Harris. Biden sits at 43 percent with Harris at 44 percent. Harris still has a higher disapproval rating than Biden at 54 percent.

Watchdog Releases Top Ethics Violators in Government of 2021

There are many ways individuals running the U.S. government can run afoul of laws and guidelines intended to curb the abuse of power. From...

BLM-Supporting Mayor’s Vaccine Requirement to Limit Black Lives the Most

The Washington, D.C. mayor who painted "Black Lives Matter" on a street leading up to the White House is now implementing a vaccine requirement that will disproportionately impact black lives in her city.

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