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Former Obama, Trump WH Doctor Believes Biden Will Be Removed Via The 25th Amendment Or Resign

Former White House doctor and current Texas congressman Ronny Jackson predicted that President Biden will either be pressured to resign or he’ll be removed via the 25th Amendment.

White House Says Social Media Should ‘Be Held Accountable’ For COVID ‘Misinformation’

In another chilling statement, the White House said on Tuesday that social media companies should be “held accountable” for allowing Americans to post what it deems “disinformation.”

6th Texas Democrat Tests Positive For COVID, Along With White Official And Pelosi Staffer After Maskless Flight To Avoid Work

A sixth Texas Democrat has tested positive for COVID after a group of over 50 lawmakers took a maskless flight out of state to avoid voting on Republican election integrity bills in the state legislature.

VIDEO: Students Shocked By Cuban Protesters Flying ‘Controversial’ American Flag

A video released by the group Campus Reform on Thursday shows young people, many of them ironically standing in front of the nation’s Capitol, being asked what the American flag means to them.

CNN Medical Expert: Life ‘Needs To Be Hard’ For Unvaccinated Americans

CNN’s medical analyst Dr. Leanna Wen believes that life “needs to be hard” for Americans who refuse vaccinations.

Kristi Noem Rips Biden For Refusing To Issue Mount Rushmore Fireworks Permits And Not Saying Why

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) went on Fox News on Thursday to reveal that President Joe Biden refused to issue the permits this year for the Fourth of July celebration at Mount Rushmore, alleging that he never gave a reason why.

Trump Trounces Kamala Harris In New Head-To-Head Poll – Her Ratings At New Lows

A new recent survey done by Republican polling firm McLaughlin & Associates shows former President Donald Trump soundly beating current Vice President Kamala Harris in favorability, should she decide to run in 2024.

Younger Americans Abandoning Capitalism, Embracing Socialism

In a stunning new Axios/Momentive poll, younger Americans are viewing capitalism in a more negative light and finding socialism more appealing. According to the new poll, this...

Trump Drops Bomb About 2024—’I’ll Be Making An Announcement’

Former President Donald Trump spoke out about 2024 in a new interview on Friday, saying that an announcement about another potential presidential run is coming “in the not too distant future.”

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