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Hungary Calls for Investigation Into Nord Stream ‘Terrorist Attack’

Hungary's prime minister suggested a "comprehensive" probe be conducted by the United Nations (UN).... Read more.
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TSA Quietly Begins Using Facial Recognition

"First generation CAT units are designed to scan a traveler’s photo identification, confirm the traveler’s identity as well as their flight details," accord... Read more.
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George Soros Shares Plan to Block the Sun to ‘Repair the Climate System’

Technology creating clouds would reflect the sun away from warming areas.... Read more.
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Lawsuit Alleges Ohio Residents ‘May Already Be Undergoing DNA Mutations’ From Chemical Exposure

"At least five class action negligence lawsuits have now been filed," according to The Independent.... Read more.
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Mainstream Media Fails to Cover Ohio Train Derailment

Legacy media networks have a combined coverage time of 30 minutes.... Read more.
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Alaska School Board Prohibits Dad From Speaking Out Against Sexually Explicit Children’s Book

"So before you start sending your naughty masterpieces around the world, take some time to get friendly with photo editing, software and apps," the book reads.... Read more.
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Snowden: Downed Unidentified Objects Represent ‘Engineered Panic’ to Divert Attention from Alleged U.S. Sabotage of Nord Stream Pipeline

The "panic" follows an investigation into the United States' connection with the Nord Stream explosion.... Read more.
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Teen Girl Ends Her Life After Brutal Bullying

The high school and police took no action.... Read more.
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Thai Princess Suddenly Collapses

Thai government allegedly voiding Pfizer contracts.... Read more.
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U.K. Christian Mother Sues School for Forcing Son to Participate in Pride Parade

The case is the first time U.K. LGBT school indoctrination will be analyzed.... Read more.