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“As Many as 8,000 People to Be Apprehended Daily”: Illegal Immigrants Pour Over U.S. Border at Record Pace

While the United States is distracted by Supreme Court hearings, the crisis in Ukraine, and economic woes, another crisis has continually been brewing on the southern border.

Amazon, Facebook Spent More Money Lobbying Politicians in 2021 Than Any Previous Year

Amazon and Meta (Facebook) spent record totals on lobbying last year, according to lobbying disclosure filings.

The study the CDC used to justify masking in schools is reportedly ‘profoundly misleading’ and has ‘significant flaws’

Millions upon millions of U.S. children have been fully masked up at school this year after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cited, in part, a study out of Arizona that appeared to demonstrate the need for, and effectiveness of, masking among schoolchildren.

Rand Paul Offers To Buy Ilhan Omar Ticket To Somalia So She Can See How Lucky She Is To Be An American

Rand Paul was asked about Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and her continual demonstration of hatred towards America, and his response is utterly perfect, even if it makes the left unhappy.

How the Right can beat Big Tech

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial has brought out just the latest in a continuing, epic series of examples of how Big Tech is grossly skewed to the left, and how they use their power and influence to push the political narrative embraced by their corporate owners.

PETA’s senior VP is calling for Dr. Fauci to resign over puppy torture experiments

Somehow, against all odds, Dr. Fauci (May He Live Forever) has united radical PETA activists and conservative big-game hunters across the land.

San Fran gay choir literally sings “we’re coming for your children” in new music video

I mean they really, actually made a song that says "we are coming for your children.

A Christian rebuttal to Christianity Today’s anti-intellectual piece on Jesus and guns

One of the greatest disappointments to me within American Christendom these days is the growing intellectual malaise amongst those who, by virtue of their own professed worldview, have greater reason than any group to grow their minds to spiritual maturity.

YouTube censors human rights channel exposing prison camps in China

Remember how Google's motto used to be "don't be evil"?

Tamir Rice’s mom rips Shaun King for making money off her son’s death, calls him “white man acting black”

I don't know how many times Shaun King needs to be exposed as a scammer for people to wake up, but here we go again...

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