Apple Removes Bible and Quran Apps from Chinese App Store

Apple has reportedly bent over backwards to cater to the anti-religious Chinese Communist Party in order to keep a firm hold on the lucrative...

Jen Psaki Says the Gov’t Will Now Go ‘Door-to-Door’ to Bully Americans Into Getting Vaccinated

The Biden administration is planning to accost Americans on their front porches to make sure they know to get The Jab – just in case months of TV ads, celebrity lectures, bribes, rallies, threats and near-harassment haven’t been enough.

Beware! Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Is the ‘Green New Deal in Disguise’

When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez co-sponsored the Green New Deal in 2019, most people ridiculed the plan as the ravings of a misguided millennial.

AOC Slams GOP for Using ‘Statistics and Studies’ to Oppose Her Green Agenda

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) celebrated Earth Day by accusing Republicans of using “statistics and studies” to fear-monger about the potential nightmares associated with abandoning fossil fuels in favor of so-called “green energy” produced by windmills.

CBS Praises Biden’s Afghan Withdrawal, Discounted Trump’s Peace Deal for It

There was some major whiplash on Tuesday's CBS Evening News when it was reported President Biden would announce American’s withdrawal from Afghanistan after more than 20 years.

Biden Claims Exorbitant Use of Filibuster in 2020 – But, It Was Used 327 Times by Dems, Once by GOP

As justification for abolishing or debilitating the Senate filibuster, President Joe Biden said Thursday that the practice was grossly overused last year – but, he didn’t mention that it was almost exclusively Democrats who used it.

How Refreshing: CNN, Stelter See Ratings Crater, Suffer Worst Week of 2021

Showing just how far CNN has fallen as they continue to struggle with symptoms of Trump withdrawal, Reliable Sources and host Brian Stelter suffered their worst rating of the year on Sunday as Nielsen Media Research showed a scant 936,000 total viewers subjected themselves to his hour of hate against Fox News and conservative media.

REWIND: CNN, MSNBC Spent 50 Mins Analyzing Trump’s Ramp Walk, Water Glass

On Friday morning, President Joe Biden repeatedly fell up the steps of Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base and almost immediately, comparisons ensued as conservatives and Republicans recalled the liberal media’s wall-to-wall coverage of then-President Trump holding of a water glass and walking slowly down a ramp at the June 13, 2020 West Point commencement.

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