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New COVID-19 travel requirements include CDC officers spot checking travelers for compliance

The Biden administration announced new travel requirements for international visitors on Monday.

Kamala Harris endorsement of Terry McAuliffe to air in more than 300 black churches in Virginia

An unusually brazen violation of the Johnson Amendment starring the second-highest official in the land. If Harris had limited her comments below to encouraging viewers to vote without specifying whom they should vote for, the churches airing the video would be within the law.

Texas set to become first state to make buying sex a felony

On September 1, Texas will become the first state to make buying sex from prostitutes a felony. This is a shift away from blaming the prostitutes and putting the focus on “johns” in an attempt to mitigate human trafficking. The law makes the crime a state jail felony.

Fauci: Rand Paul slandered me

This is the second time in three days that he’s been indignant about Paul’s accusations without explaining what makes them so outrageous. Given that the 2017 study cited by Paul described NIH funding for the development of chimeric viruses that were tested on ACE2 receptors found in humans, how is that not “gain of function” research?

After Oakland defunded police, police chief warned ‘not having resources makes our city less safe’

Last Thursday the Oakland City Council voted 7-2 to cut $18 million from the city’s police budget over the next two years.

Where’s Joe? Jill Biden will attend Tokyo Olympics solo, hold diplomatic meetings

The 2020 Summer Olympics, also known as Tokyo 2020, is to be held from 23 July to 8 August 2021. The international sports competition was delayed a year due to the coronavirus pandemic but the name remains the same.

Schumer: Republicans “making it easier to own a gun than to vote,” or something

Fatuous demagoguery from one of its masters, in service of complaining about … fatuous demagogues.

South Carolina is ordered to form an actual firing squad

We recently discussed a new law in South Carolina designed to allow condemned inmates the choice between being executed in the electric chair or a firing squad.

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