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Postal Service Unions Spent Big on Biden. Now They’re Exempted From the Federal Vaccine Mandate

President Joe Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal workers will exempt United States Postal Service (USPS) employees who pumped millions of dollars into the 2020 election campaign.

Afghan Refugees Not Tested for COVID Before Landing in US

Afghans are tested after arrival in the United States

California’s State Pension Invests Millions in Chinese State-Owned Companies

CalPERS has $490 million tied up in companies funding Belt and Road

CA Gov. Newsom Praises News Outlet Owned by Chinese Communist Party

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D., Calif.) earlier this month spoke at the annual gala for a pro-Beijing newspaper that has registered as a foreign agent...

Supreme Court Blocks New York Eviction Moratorium

Says ban deprives landlords without due process

Thousands of Teachers Vow To Defy State Bans on Critical Race Theory

Leftist groups and teachers' unions support the radical curriculum.

Record Number of Pro-Life Bills Passed in 2021

Pro-life lawmakers take up new regulations as Supreme Court weighs Mississippi ban

LEGO Embraces Drag Queen Marketing

Danish toymaker partners with activist group that targets children.

Ilhan Omar Knows What She’s Doing

The Democratic congresswoman says she has always been somebody who 'understands how words can be harmful and hurtful to people.' We believe her.

Republicans Press for Removal of Capitol Security Fence

'The fencing should come down and the Capitol should be reopened to the public'

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