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US Businesses Are Closing Because They Can’t Find Anyone to Work. Here’s Why.

In a recent interview, economist Lawrence Summers said the government’s juiced-up unemployment benefits have created a record labor shortage.

How Stalin Canceled ‘Hamlet’ in the Soviet Union—and What It Can Teach Us about Cancel Culture

Mass fear can result in censorship that is just as stifling and oppressive as government bans, history shows.

Nanny State Alert: The FDA is Moving to Ban Menthol-Flavored Cigarettes

Paternalistic thinking underlies this nonsense.

Biden Administration Prioritizes “Wokeism,” Critical Race Theory In Schools

There is no constitutional role for the federal government in education.

Can Solar Energy Actually Compete in a Free Market? One Energy CEO’s Surprising Answer

DEPCOM Power CEO Johnnie Taul explains why the free market future of solar energy is so bright.

George Floyd Riots Caused Record-Setting $2 Billion in Damage, New Report Says. Here’s Why the True Cost Is Even Higher

Even beyond face-value insurance costs, riots leave a lasting shadow on a city that haunts its economy for decades.

Hayek: Social Justice Demands the Unequal Treatment of Individuals

Hayek’s logic is correct: social justice demands treating people unequally.

A 75-Year-Old Warning about Those Who Say ‘Listen to the Science’

When people say “follow the science,” often what they’re really saying is “follow our plan.”

How Deregulating Real Estate Markets Can Solve America’s Shortage of Affordable Housing

The deregulation of real estate markets doesn’t just make economic sense. It is also a moral imperative.

Jeff Bezos Just Endorsed Corporate Tax Hikes. Here’s Why Amazon’s Support Should Be a Giant Red Flag

When Big Business comes together to collude with Big Government, it usually means everyday people are about to get ripped off.

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