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Ballots In Arizona’s Maricopa County Found Shredded and In Dumpster – Days Before Senate Audit To Begin

Piles of shredded ballots were located today in a dumpster in Maricopa County Arizona. This find occurs only days before the Senate’s audit of the county’s 2020 election results is due to start.

Satanists sue for religious right to ritual abortions

The Satanic Temple of Texas files suit to defend its religious right to child sacrifice

Steve Bannon Sounds The Alarm, Says To Prepare for a Transition to Kamala Harris (video)

While speaking with Author Mike McCormick, and National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam on The War Room, host of the show Steve Bannon said it is time to get ready for the transition from President Joe Biden to Kamala Harris.

More Than 3,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children Being Held In DHS Custody

According to data released on Friday, the Department of Homeland Security is hosting nearly 4,000 unaccompanied migrant children

Families Burn Masks Outside Idaho State Capitol To Protest Lockdowns

Families in Idaho rallied outside the State Capitol on Saturday to protest the nationwide lockdowns still in effect in many parts of the country.

Conservative United Methodists Plan Breakaway Denomination

The new Global Methodist Church will leave the UMC regardless of the General Conference decision, which has been delayed until 2022.

Minimum Wage Hike Led To Higher Prices At McDonald’s, Study Finds

Increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour has resulted in exactly what critics have predicted: A loss of low-skilled jobs and, according to a recent study, increased prices for the goods and services provided by companies that employ low-skilled workers.

Biden’s FDA takes baby steps toward limiting toxic heavy metals in commercial baby foods

A month after the House oversight subcommittee released a report on the prevalence of arsenic and lead in major baby food brands, the FDA takes the first steps to establishing legal limits on toxic heavy metals.

AOC: Trans Kids Are Beautiful, Republicans ‘Doing A Lot Of Harm To Children,’ Advocates Biological Males In Girls Sports

Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) advocated for biological male athletes who identify as female to be allowed in girls’ sports and accused Republicans of “doing a lot of harm to children” in a tweet posted Friday night.

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