Austrian Govt. Forces Unvaccinated Into Lockdown, Police Monitoring Citizens’ Activities

Austria’s government is forcing around 2 million unvaccinated residents into isolation. Beginning Monday, anyone over the age of 12 was forced into at least 10 days of lockdown measures.

Police will be performing spot checks on people who are out in public and have been ordered to fine those who are not out for pre-approved reasons such as work or shopping.

Data shows around 65 percent of the country’s population are vaccinated, which Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said was “shamefully low.” He called for the government to be given the ‘green light’ for sweeping restrictions.

“Every citizen, every person living in Austria must be aware that they can be checked by the police at any time,” stated Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer. “Among others, we will also control the 2G status and the reason for entering the public space.” 

Schallenberg is also pushing the booster shots, saying without them the country will “never get out of this vicious cycle.” Meanwhile, protesters have taken to the streets in opposition to the vaccine mandate.