Australian doctor “shocked” by adverse effects of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine’s second jab

A veteran emergency department doctor in Australia said he was shocked by the adverse effects of a second jab of Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

Dr. David Caldicott is an emergency doctor at Calvary Hospital in the Australian capital city of Canberra. When Australia began its coronavirus vaccine rollout, Caldicott was among the first people in the country to receive the jab.

Caldicott claims he’s had more vaccines than most people in Australia. Besides completing his childhood immunizations, he also receives the flu vaccine every year. In addition, Caldicott is given various shots whenever he is deployed overseas as a member of a disaster response team.

Despite his extensive experience with vaccines, Caldicott said none of them have affected him quite like the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech.

“This is the most entertaining experience I’ve had post-vaccination so far … this was vigorous,” said Caldicott, who received his first dose in February. He described his experience with the first shot as fairly normal with no side effects of any kind. Then, things got interesting.

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