Atlanta TV Station Fires Political Analyst for Mocking Trump

Top-rated Atlanta TV and radio station WSB has cut ties with longtime political analyst and commentator Bill Crane after he mocked former President Donald Trump.

WSB-TV Vice President and General Manager Ray Carter said Monday that during the previous night’s news, Crane “uttered remarks about former President Donald Trump that are not aligned with our commitment to fair and unbiased reporting and analysis.”

The station has ended its relationship with Crane, a frequent guest commentator, “effective immediately,” Carter said.

“Labor Day is when undecided voters and nonaligned voters really start focusing on the election ahead and keeping Donald Trump and his fantasy of elections being stolen in November of 2020 in play, keeps Donald Trump and his looming orange face in front of voters at a time when they’re trying to decide how they’re going to vote,” Crane said during a Sunday newscast, according to the website Mediaite.

Crane, who has worked with WSB since 2006, responded on social media, saying, “I base my analysis on fact, as well as informed opinion, and 22 years of doing this in Georgia. … I try and call shots as I see them … straight down the middle, without bias or leaning in favor of either party.”

He also said his comments about Trump’s “fantasy” and “orange face” were to point out the Democratic Party’s midterm strategy, at least in part, to spark voter turnout.

He also apologized to Trump supporters and said, “Perhaps in my verbiage I certainly could have been a bit more PC.”