Atlanta City Councilman Who Voted To Defund Police Had Car Stolen By Kids In Broad Daylight

Antonio Brown, an Atlanta city councilman who voted to ‘defund the police’ last year, said he had his car stolen in the middle of the afternoon by a group of school-aged children.

The incident took place as Brown, who just joined the mayoral race in Atlanta less than two weeks ago, was meeting with community leaders at a ribbon-cutting ceremony around noontime.

“You don’t immediately think, ‘Oh, these kids are going to steal my car,’” Brown said, noting that one of the children “acted as though he had a gun.”

According to police the car, a Mercedes as described by WSB-TV 2, was stolen by “several males.”

Brown claims, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), that “he held onto the car and was dragged about a block down the road before letting go.”

Defund The Police In Atlanta

Brown is listed by Ballotpedia as non-partisan, but the AJC writes that he “pushes progressive policies.”

He joined six other city council members who voted in support of an ordinance described by Fox News as “to withhold $73 million of the Atlanta Police Department’s budget” last year.

“We need all of Atlanta to call in to every committee and full council meeting to demand we amend the budget and … reallocate $73M of police funds in order to reimagine public safety,” he said in an Instagram post at the time.

“We must stop the business of the city from moving forward until our demands are met.

The ordinance to defund the police in Atlanta was narrowly defeated.