“As Many as 8,000 People to Be Apprehended Daily”: Illegal Immigrants Pour Over U.S. Border at Record Pace

While the United States is distracted by Supreme Court hearings, the crisis in Ukraine, and economic woes, another crisis has continually been brewing on the southern border.

According to Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, they are expecting a record-breaking number of immigrants to cross the border illegally in the coming months.

The estimates are staggering.

From CNN:

Another record-breaking surge of migrants may attempt to cross the US-Mexico border this spring, alarming officials who are now rushing to build more facilities and lining up prison buses to help accommodate the new arrivals.

The head of the US Border Patrol says he’s getting ready for as many as 8,000 people to be apprehended daily, more than double the daily number of the 2019 surge under the Trump administration.

That staggering number “will probably become the norm over the next 30 to 45 days,” Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz told CNN in an exclusive interview. There have already been 940,000 arrests this fiscal year, which started in October.

They are expecting to APPREHEND 8,000 illegal aliens EVERY DAY!

That’s one small town worth of illegal immigrants every day. And these are just the ones they caught! There’s no telling how many are slipping through the grasp of border patrol.

Internal documents have shown estimates of how many people are within hours or days of the US-Mexico border who might plan to migrate to the United States, according to a source familiar with discussions. The Department of Homeland Security has set up a “Southwest Border Coordination Center” at its headquarters to coordinate across multiple agencies.

But as officials prepare for potential mass migration to the US southern border, some sectors are already feeling the strain. In Del Rio, Texas, agents faced groups of hundreds of migrants turning themselves over to agents for six consecutive days. Facilities across the border are over capacity already and held over 16,000 migrants on Tuesday morning, Ortiz told CNN.

More and more illegals are being apprehended daily, there’s nowhere for them to stay, so what do you think happens? That’s right! Catch and release. The illegal immigrant aren’t sent back south of the border, they are simply let go.

“As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relaxes it domestic COVID-19 protocols, it is perplexing that the agency continues to recommend the extended use of this draconian policy at the border, contradicting the overwhelming signs of America’s pandemic recovery under President Biden’s leadership,” Sens. Schumer, Bob Menendez, Alex Padilla, and Cory Booker said in a recent statement.

If the public health order is terminated, the administration would return to traditional protocols which might include releasing migrants into the US while they go through their immigration proceedings, detaining migrants, or removing them if they don’t have an asylum claim.

On Thursday, the administration announced a new federal regulationthat would shorten the process for migrants making an asylum claim, though it’s not expected to take effect until the summer and will be a slow ramp up.

The only reason illegals are being detained at all is due to Covid protocols, and Democrats are pushing to lift these Covid barriers.

The only Covid rule the Democrats don’t like is the one that slows the flow of illegal immigration.

If you think I’m being hyperpartisan, note that the Biden Administration granted parole to 32,000 illegal immigrants in just 2 months last year, compared to 5-10 on a typical year.

Democrats are pushing to return to catch and release for every illegal crosser, regardless of Covid status.

And, you aren’t going to believe this:

The change in demographics has been an ongoing challenge for an agency built to address single adult males. Border facilities – akin to jail-like conditions – are not equipped to care for families and children who’ve arrived at the border without their parents, especially in such large numbers, prompting a need for additional facilities.

The Border Patrol uses soft-sided facilities for processing migrants in select locations along the US-Mexico border. But in anticipation of more people, the agency is planning to expand the current footprint of those facilities in Yuma, Arizona, and Del Rio, Texas, Ortiz said.

Yep, way down at the end of the article, we get to the fact that kids are being kept in cages. Still.

The crisis we are facing now is hard to overstate. The number of illegal immigrants entering daily has more than doubled since Biden took office. So, as bad as the border was under Trump, it’s more than twice as bad under Biden.

And it’s showing no signs of slowing down.