As labor crisis worsens, state offers $1,500 to residents who get back to work

Democratic Maine Gov. Janet Mills is bribing unemployed people to rejoin the workforce by offering a $1,500 bonus to eligible individuals who get off their sofas and back to work between now and June 30.

People who return to work starting in July could get a $1,000 bonus payment.

In a Monday statement, Mills said “it’s safe for everyone to return to work” as the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

The incentives are part of the state’s “Back to Work” program, which “will utilize $10 million in Federal funding and could reach up to 7,500 Maine people,” Mills said.

Did you get that? The governor is Maine is offering federal tax dollars — courtesy of you and me — to beg unemployed people in her state to get back to work.

If you’re wondering why jobless Americans now have to be bribed to work, it’s because the Biden administration’s expanded unemployment benefits program pays many people more money to sit at home.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina last week called the bloated unemployment benefits into question, saying they’re exacerbating the labor shortage crippling the nation’s economic recovery.

At a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing, Graham said people in his own family are not working because the benefits are so high.

“Bottom line is I think there are people out there, they’re not bad people, but they’re not going to work for $15 an hour if they make $23 unemployed,” he added.