Arizona Election Reform in Jeopardy—Gubernatorial Frontrunner Kari Lake Weighs-In

“Election integrity is essential to the preservation of our country,” said Lake.

  • Arizona’s 2020 election was deeply contested, more than 40% of Americans believing Joe Biden did not legitimately win the state in the presidential election.
  • There is one bill currently in the AZ Senate, HB2289, aiming to fix many issues in the state’s voting process.
Flyer about HB2289 circulating on social media
  • HB2289, known as the “One Day, One Vote” bill, requires voter ID, hand count paper ballots, no voting machines, smaller precinct polling locations, and no mail-in/absentee ballots (barring military, the disabled, and those who cannot be present at the polling station) in future elections.
  • Despite the fact that voter integrity is largely a Republican-backed idea, and that HB2289 was introduced by Republican representatives (John Fillmore and Neal Carter), sources close to the matter say the legislation has faced opposition from Republicans, who are now looking to close the legislative session for the year—possibly Monday—without a vote on this critical bill.
  • Kari Lake, the frontrunner Republican for Governor of Arizona, shared her position on the matter with American Faith. “Election integrity is essential to the preservation of our country,” she said, adding, “of course they should extend the session.”
  • Yesterday, both Lake and Chairwoman of the AZ GOP, Dr. Kelli Ward tweeted their support for the bill.
  • “Imagine Arizona elections with: One DAY Voting, done on paper, in person, with No Machines, No Mail-Ins. And an immediate way of establishing a chain of custody,” Lake tweeted. “#HB2289 does that.” “That’s why it’s worthy of serious consideration for @AZSenateGOP,” she concluded.
  • “Arizona voters want a roll call vote on #HB2289! Please bring this #ElectionIntegrity bill to the floor, President @FannKfann!” tweeted Dr. Ward.
  • Both Republicans are demanding the session stay open until this election integrity bill can be voted on in the Arizona State Senate.
  • Some argue HB2289 shouldn’t be brought to a floor vote because there simply aren’t enough votes.
  • But Blake Masters, a candidate for the Arizona State Senate, rebutted that argument yesterday: “‘We don’t have the votes’ is not an excuse, we have a Republican majority. Let the people see which Republican legislators refuse to support election integrity,” tweeted Masters.
  • It remains unclear why HB2289 has received opposition from elected Republicans.
  • Bringing the bill to the floor for a vote this week would ostensibly reveal which Republicans are standing in the way of election reform, a significant data point for voters preparing for mid-term elections.
  • Karen Fann, the President of the Arizona Senate, is the most powerful Republican able to bring HB2289 to a vote on the floor Monday. Local advocates in Arizona say there are two ways Americans can petition their representatives to ensure that the legislative session stays open until this bill receives a vote: 1) contact your local state representative, and 2) contact Karen Fann’s office directly.
  • This represents a watershed moment for the Republican Party, as the unfolding of the next few days could shape the future of the party in Arizona and even the nation, given the importance of this swing state in the presidential election.