Argentina’s Javier Milei Says Country Has First Surplus in 16 Years: ‘Our Plan is Working’

Newly elected libertarian President Javier Milei told Argentines in a televised address that the country is now experiencing its first economic surplus in over 16 years under his leadership.

“Our plan is working,” Milei told the country. “I know the situation is difficult, but we’re more than halfway there.”

Argentina has managed to gain a financial fiscal surplus of more than 275 billion pesos ($315.4 million) last month.

“We’re going to give everything to pull this country out of the hell we inherited,” the leader added. attacking previous governments for the country’s economic status.

“If the state does not spend more than it collects and does not issue (money), there is no inflation. This is not magic,” Milei continued. “Don’t expect a way out through public spending.”

Milei won the country’s presidential election November 2023 against socialist Sergio Massa, the former Economy Minister of Argentina, American Faith previously reported.

He encouraged voters to choose “courage” and to overthrow “the same people as always,” referring to his opponent who led the country into triple-digit inflation and skyrocketing unemployment rates.

“Today begins a new era in Argentina. Today we end a long and sad history of decadence and decline and begin the path toward the reconstruction of our country,” Milei said at the time.

“Argentines, in a decisive way, expressed a will to change that has no return. There is no turning back. Today we bury decades of failure, infighting, and senseless disputes.”

“For over 100 years, politicians have insisted in defending a model that the only thing it has generated is poverty, stagnation, and misery,” Milei continued.

Talking about the current economic situation of Argentina, he concluded, “They are ruining our lives. They have decimated our salaries.”

“We will advance with the changes that the country needs because we are sure that embracing the ideas of liberty is the only way that we will be able to get out of this hole they stuck us in,” Milei said.