Are We Seeing a Cultural Realignment?

(American Thinker) Recently we’ve been seeing stories in the news about average Americans pushing back against liberal initiatives.  Taken alone, these stories are entertaining, though not particularly earth-shattering.  But observed together, do they form a pattern?  Are we seeing the beginning signs of a cultural realignment?

One recent story is that of women protesting a California spa allowing “perfectly normal women with penises” to use the female facilities.  The protesters were quick to point out that they are Democrats and support LGBTGFNB  rights.  But it turns out there is a limit to the amount of leftist baloney that even Democrats can accept.  Equity for people with gender confusion sounds compassionate in theory.  In reality, it facilitates naked men bathing with our six-year-old daughters — which inspires a different emotion than compassion.

“Perfectly normal women with penises” competing in women’s sports is all over the news too.  The left has been telling us that we need to accept each person’s perception of reality — even if that person is somewhat gender-confused.  But “perfectly normal women with penises” competing in women’s sports has illustrated the absurd destination this path leads to.  Why don’t we go ahead and let heavyweight boxers identify as lightweights and let them beat the crap out of somebody half their size?  After a year of this nonsense, we’re beginning to see that there may be many perceptions of reality, but there is only one actual reality.  Are feminists starting to see that their movement sold them into servitude to liberalism and they’ve become the handmaidens of leftism?

Debate about Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught in our schools has broken out across the country.  Protests against CRT at school board meetings have gotten loud and contentious.  A number of states have even passed legislation prohibiting it in public schools.  It’s all fine and good to want to eliminate racism until that morphs into teaching our children to hate themselves.  Teachers’ unions and numerous school boards are fighting back against the protests.  The very people who told us just a few years ago that every kid needs to get a trophy — because we must support their self-esteem — are now telling us that we need to teach our kids that they’re guilty of sins committed 200 years ago.  They’ve tipped their hand.  They’re not in the business of teaching, they’re in the business of indoctrination. 

Over 60% of U.S. counties are now covered by some form of local 2nd Amendment protection legislation.  Through either state or county legislation, 1,930 counties essentially have 2nd Amendment sanctuary status now.  I like guarantees.  The 2nd Amendment is our guarantee that our government can never turn our military against us.  It’s good to know that our guarantee is backed by 61% (and growing) of our local governments.  It seems our local and state governments still believe the Constitution means what it says and are defending it — not against foreign enemies, but against domestic enemies.  It’s too bad more of our federal officials don’t remember that part of their oath of office.