Are We on the Doorstep of Armageddon? China & Biblical Prophecy: Phil Hotsenpiller (Video)

Watch American Faith founder Phil Hotsenpiller speak with Clay Clark about China’s place in biblical prophecy.

  • Phil Hotsenpiller appeared on Clay Clark’s ‘Thrivetime Show’ to discuss how current events regarding China connect with ancient prophesies found in the Bible, highlighting passages out of Revelation and Isaiah.
  • “What’s amazing is that John the apostle wrote in the Book of Revelation … [in] about 100 AD, … and he envisioned an army of 200 million men,” said Hotsenpiller, going on to explain that what makes that figure so astounding is that at that time, the total population of the world—not just one nation from the East—was only in the hundreds of millions.
  • “That would be like us saying there’s going to be an army come [today] that is 15-16 billion. So you see how outlandish it feels to even say that,” said Hotsenpiller. “And yet Time Magazine in their May 21 edition, 1965 or 63—they published that China had reported their army and militia was 200 million men.”
  • China has taken political center stage for their supposed role in releasing the Covid-19 virus from the Wuhan laboratory, their genocide of the Uyghur people, and their links to American Big Tech companies.
  • Hotsenpiller spoke during Clay Clark’s ‘ReAwaken America’ Tour in Aug 2021 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, explaining how news network CNN is financially tied to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
  • “CNN is a property of Warner Media, which is very closely tied to the People’s Republic of China,” Hotsenpiller explained. “They have a $50 million investment deal with the PRC. Specifically, this is an investment in China Media Capital, a private company subject to the censorship of the Chinese government.”