AOC Proves That Brands Who Virtue Signal During Pride Month Aren’t Safe from the Left

Nowadays, brands think that political capitulation to the left is what they have to do in order to not only sell products but stay safe from the mobs and out-of-control cancel culture they bring with them, they must virtue signal every chance they get.

Pride month is such a time to signal one’s corporate virtue, and as a result, you see many businesses adopt rainbow-laden versions of their logo as they tweet out support for the LGBT community. Perhaps they thought this would give them immunity, like painting lamb’s blood over your doorway. I regret (only a little) to inform them that this isn’t saving them, and at this time the left is already attacking corporations that have taken part in Pride Month for the crime of not doing enough.

Case in point, here’s New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seal clapping over Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal attempting to claim the scalps of corporations who haven’t done enough.

Despite AOC’s insufferably at the best times due to her glaring hypocrisy and woeful ignorance on any given subject, she is correct here. Just because a company slaps rainbow-colored anything on its social media feeds doesn’t mean it has LGBT principles. As I wrote in more detail before, corporations don’t care about rainbows, the only color they care about is green and they’ll say and do whatever it takes in order to make more of said green.

The hilarious part of all of this is that the left demanded businesses show fealty to their cause or face the trouble of some kind. Denunciation from leftist activist groups will oftentimes come with denunciation from high-profile journalists or celebrities. This is bad PR that any business is right to try to avoid, however, by caving to the left you sometimes alienate the other half of the country that doesn’t take to certain ideas.