Antifa Terrorists Firebomb Police Training Center in Atlanta’s ‘Cop City’

On Sunday evening, the police training center under construction in a forest outside of Atlanta, Georgia, dubbed “cop city” by its opponents, was attacked by violent Antifa members who firebombed the facility.

The attack comes after months of harassment of the site, with left-wing militants recruited from all over the country to destroy the facility while attempting to murder police officers and construction workers.

According to reports, the attack caused fires all over the “cop city” construction site, resulting in significant damage to the infrastructure and grasslands, as well as a large piece of construction equipment being destroyed by the flames.

Video footage of the aftermath of the attack was published by a local Fox affiliate, showing the scale of the destruction.

This is not the first violent encounter at “cop city,” as weeks prior, Antifa terrorists attempted to murder Georgia State Troopers in a deadly shootout at the same location, injuring one officer and losing one of their own.

The Antifa members declared their fallen comrade a victim of police brutality and white supremacy.

Despite the recent firebombing and violent attack, the Antifa members have received vastly different treatment than non-violent January 6th demonstrators who were hunted down all over the United States after protesting against election fraud in Washington, DC.

After the firebombing, authorities arrested at least 35 Antifa militants, but the charges against them have yet to be announced.