Anti-trans Doc, Gina Carano Comeback Top At-Home Streaming Charts: LGBT Leftists Are Fuming

As time goes on, Hollywood entertainment has become more and more contaminated with the leftist ideologies that enable cancel culture and political correctness. Critics love the latest movies and TV shows that promote diversity and champion inclusion, but audiences are not biting.

Many viewers nowadays feel like they are getting lectured by their entertainment rather than watching a story unfold.

Enter The Daily Wire.

This past weekend, two Daily Wire Entertainment originals topped the Rotten Tomatoes’ View-on-Demand streaming chart for June. “Terror on the Prairie” and “What is a Woman?” landed the fourth and seventh spots, respectively, at the time of this writing.

As seen in this June 17 tweet by the news company, “What is a Woman?” was originally the third most popular at-home movie of the month and “Terror on the Prairie” took the fifth spot.

Despite no critics’ consensus on Rotten Tomatoes and virtually no reviews from establishment media sites, both movies seemed to please audiences, nonetheless. “Terror on the Prairie” received an 88 percent audience score, while “What is a Woman?” remains at 97 percent.

“Terror on the Prairie” is a Western thriller that follows actress Gina Carano as a mother protecting her family and frontier home from a gang of outlaws.

Carano landed the acting gig after Disney fired her for her right-leaning comments on social media, according to The Daily Wire. She starred in the Star Wars show “The Mandalorian” prior to her new movie.

“What is a Woman?” is a Matt Walsh documentary about exposing the leftist thinking behind the transgender ideology.

Walsh, a Daily Wire podcast host, received backlash from Rolling Stone for his so-called “transphobic” documentary. The Daily Wire reported that the link it sent to the article’s author showed that he watched 0 percent of the film before reaching his conclusion in the hit piece.

Both films were released exclusively on Daily Wire’s streaming service earlier this month.

Based on the unexpected popularity of these two movies with audiences, it turns out many are hungry for original entertainment that prioritizes story over ideology. See, Hollywood? Not every movie or show has to mirror your leftist version of reality for it to be good.

“Spiderhead,” “Hustle” and “Everything Everywhere All at Once” currently hold the top three spots in the Most Popular Movies at Home list on Rotten Tomatoes.

These three films were praised (or at least reviewed) by the establishment media, whereas the Daily Wire originals received very little publicity and managed to compete with Netflix. Not bad for a conservative media company.

Since 2021, the conservative news outlet has dipped its toes in the entertainment industry by creating original stories that leave politics at the door.

Along with its selection of docuseries, comedy specials and more, Daily Wire’s exclusive feature films also include “Run Hide Fight,” “Shut In” and “The Hyperions.”

All films and related content are available to stream on the company’s website.

When studios and creatives concentrate all their attention on representation over art, the content is no longer entertainment but propaganda. Furthering an agenda over telling a story seems to be Hollywood’s preferred method recently, but believe it or not, audiences can pick up on that.

Since Hollywood seems to be losing its footing among conservatives, smaller studios cut out the middleman by filming and producing their own content that audiences can enjoy.

So far, this approach of creating entertainment seems to be working for The Daily Wire.

Reporting from The Western Journal.